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The Rochester Summer Institute for Human Rights and Genocide Awareness is committed to provide in-depth human rights education for local high school students and teachers. It aims to broaden the understanding of current events and how they relate to history and may influence the future.

Modeled after the successful Summer Institute of Buffalo, the Rochester Summer Institute for Human Rights and Genocide Awareness is a four day program hosted by the Norman Howard School. The Institute invites high school students and teachers to more deeply explore human rights issues, contemporary genocide and the events currently shaping our world than is usually possible in contemporary classroom. The program is designed for students that have a strong interest in history, human rights, politics and current events. Local teachers are also invited to take part in order to earn Professional Development Hours.


Over the course of the program, students will have the opportunity to hear from historians, survivors of human rights abuses, and advocates for human rights. Participants will also take part in hands-on activities and lively discussions that will inspire them to take an active role in the world around them.


The Rochester Summer Institute wishes  to

  • empower students with the knowledge and understandings necessary to critically assess information dealing with issues of human rights abuses and genocide.

  • empower students to identify ways that they might actively involve themselves in the global community

  • inspire in students a sense of awareness that will enable them to become leaders in their communities, institutions, the nation and the world.

  • provide examples of past and current role models of people who have made a difference in the their local or global communities.


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